American Hospitals Returns to Santa Fe

Good news! On October 22 at 2 PM there is going to be a second (free) screening in Santa Fe of American Hospitals, Healing a Broken System at the First Presbyterian Church, 208 Grant Ave, Santa Fe.

This powerful sixty-minute documentary explores the growing trend of hospitals as
money-making businesses. It reveals why health prices are soaring, the dangers of
consolidations and the negative impact of these developments on patients and health
professionals. This one-hour film is starting conversations all over the country, and in several areas of New Mexican where it has been shown.

After the film, join a discussion moderated by Santa Fe NAACP President Simesha
McEachern, EdD, and featuring Mary Feldblum, PhD, Director of the Health Security for
New Mexicans Campaign, and local health professionals.

Come see this important film. Learn what is happening in Santa Fe and throughout
New Mexico, and find out what we can do about it. There are solutions!