Legislative Success

Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign news:

We did it!

Our goal this legislative session was to get funding to continue the Health Security Plan design process. $790,000 was approved in the so-called junior budget bill, which is now on the way to the governor for her signature.

This funding will enable the Superintendent of Insurance to move forward with this vital project—to expand needed research topics, hire consultants, and ensure adequate staff to oversee the process.

This is an incredibly exciting step for our state to take!

Time to Call the Governor!

It is time to remind the governor how much support there is for Health Security. The junior funding bill provides a great opportunity to get Health Security back on her radar.

The message: 

Thank the governor for her longstanding support for Health Security, including her support for the important Health Security Plan design process.

Please call the governor’s office at 505-476-2200. Thank you

It Takes a Village . . .

Thanks to our legislative supporters: We are grateful to our legislative sponsors, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Sen. Harold Pope, and Rep. Dayan Hochman-Vigil, and to all the senators and representatives who donated some of their junior money to make sure the Health Security design process continues.   A special thank-you to Rep. Debbie Armstrong, a longtime Health Security sponsor who we hope will continue to be involved with the Health Security Plan’s development even after her retirement from the legislature at the end of this year. She is the one who thought we needed to change our strategy to gain greater support by beginning the design process. And it is working!   And a big thank-you to all of you: Because this was a fast-moving budget session—and one that focused on funding, not the passage of the Health Security Act—we didn’t have multiple calls for action. But we know you were following along and ready to act if we put out the call. And now is the time to make that call to the governor!
Next Steps
With the 2022 legislative session behind us, what’s next?   ·  Working with the Superintendent of Insurance and our legislative sponsors to determine priorities for this phase of the Health Security Plan design process.   ·  Reviewing and reporting on the consultants’ findings from the initial phase of research on the Health Security Plan (some reports have already been posted on the Office of Superintendent of Insurance’s website).   ·  Continuing our series of informational Zoom sessions.   ·  Making sure you are informed about the design process and how you can provide input into the creation of our homegrown plan!   We’re off to a great start in 2022. There is a lot more to do in researching and developing the Health Security Plan. We definitely will keep you posted

About the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign

We are a broad grassroots coalition of organizations and individuals across New Mexico that believe it’s time for our state to set up its own health plan, with freedom of choice of health care provider and a comprehensive benefit package, to ensure affordable health care coverage for all New Mexicans.

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