Committee Reports

Committee Reports for the August 9th General Membership Meeting:

Voting Rights Action Ad Hoc Committee: Recent registration events have taken place at the Railyard Vital Spaces event, the Dreamers event at Tumbleroots, the Love & Happiness event at Tumbleroots, and at a Santa Fe Fuego baseball game

Resolutions Ad Hoc Committee: This is a recently formed committee that will address recommendations for national level resolutions.

Kwanzaa subCommittee: Can you help with planning for Kwanzaa?

National Convention 2022 : Two Delegates attended from our Branch

Committee Reports for the July 12th General Membership Meeting:

Voting Rights Action Ad Hoc Committee: Interviewed on Richard Eeds’ radio show. We are developing links with a number of community organizations: St. Elizabeth’s Shelter, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, League of Women Voters, St. John’s College, Girls Inc., Interfaith Leadership Alliance, Indivisible. Some of these partnerships are stronger, some are just at beginning stages. Recent registration events: Juneteenth Celebration with First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe, Registration at United Universalist Santa Fe, Interfaith Leadership Alliance Peace Service, Juneteenth on the Plaza, caught in a downpour but fun! There will be tee shirts. We are developing fliers to hand out at events. We want to identify various ways to spread our message.Next meeting will be Wednesday 7-13-22 at 5:15 pm.

Juneteenth:  According to all assessments, this year’s celebration, organized mainly by the Dismantling Structural Racism committee at the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe in collaboration with other Branch volunteers handling the program, was an overwhelming success!  We look forward to similar, and perhaps expanded, collaborations in the future. 

Little Free Libraries:  The Little Free Libraries continue to be lovingly stewarded and well enjoyed by the public at both parks.  However WE NEED YOUR HELP!  While we have an extensive reserve of young children’s books, we are in need of bilingual and/or books in Spanish for all ages.  In particular, we are desperate for books for both young adult (YA) and adult readers.  If you have books you’d like to donate, either hardcover or paperback in good condition, please send an email to the Branch address and the Chair of the LFL Committee will call to make arrangements for collecting them!  Thank you so much!  

Library of African American Interest:   This library which will be housed at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church for Branch and Church members’ use, has a plethora of wonderful books by and about African Americans.  Auto-biography, biography, history, politics, education, health, environmental injustice, the arts, culture, etc, etc. are all covered in the books which have donated and in the extensive clipping library developed.  We hope to have it established at St. Bede’s soon and that it will be well-used by you and others! 

Committee Reports for the June 14th General Membership Meeting:

Finance Committee:

Met May 18 to discuss Treasurer’s Report, espenditures for upcoming National NAACP convention, budget for Voting Rights Action Committee, and the possible establishment of a Freedom Fund Committee.

Voting Rights Action Ad Hoc Committee:

Met May 18 to discuss 1) Voting Registration Agent training, 2) partnerships with St. Elizabeth’s Shelters, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, and the League of Women Voters, 3) printing fliers, brochures and t-shirts. New members are welcome. The next meeting will be on June Wednesday, June 15, at 5:15 pm on Zoom. Please contact us at for the Zoom link.

Publicity and Communications Committee:

Met on May 28 to discuss 1) expanding radio presence, 2) T-shirt logo for Voting Rights Action, 3) archiving committee reports on our website, 4)and attendance at National NAACP Convention in Atlanta. The 4th Monday at 5:30 pm will be this committee’s regular meeting time.

New: Housing Committee

First meeting of the new Housing Committee will be Tuesday, 6/28/22.  5:30-7pm. Please contact us at for the Zoom link.

Committee Reports for the May 10th General Membership Meeting:

Publicity and Communications:

New Logo Design: We do want to keep the Rainbow in our logo, as a symbol of Honoring Diversity.

Radio Presence: We need a more public presence to expand our membership. We discussed following up with KSFR, KBAC, KUNM, and KTRC.

Incorporating The Arts: members expressed that emphasizing local Art and Culture is the best way to diversify our Branch. Toward that end, we plan to invite local artists to speak at our General Meetings. Issa Nyaphaga will be our featured speaker this summer. Doris reminded us to see the current exhibit at at Southside library, in which Issa recently participated in a hands-on workshop through Art Smart.

We continue to brainstorm ways to make our General Meetings more appealing to younger folks.

Library of African American Interest

Agreement has been reached to incorporate our library into St. Bede’s library room.  We will purchase a bookcase similar to those currently in the library and stock it on time to welcome church members once St. Bede’s is open for more than just services. 

Little Free Libraries                                                                         

Both libraries continue to be well-used and well-stewarded at Larragoite Park and at Swan Park.   The NAACP Santa Fe Branch was nominated by a member for an award for individuals or organizations which have furthered the cause of literacy, siting in the “additional information” slot our African American History Month Read-a-thon’s 9-year history of reading in the schools.


The Federal Buildings lawn is secured. We are now responsible for the program and the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe will provide sandwiches, paper products and a mike.  Those who register to attend will be asked to share a side dish.


The Treasurer presented updated balances on all three of the branch’s credit union accounts.

Concern was voiced about the “projected” end of year balance considering there is no fund raising planned for 2022. Expenses for the National Convention will greatly impact how we end the year.

The committee will be doing some initial data gathering for the 2023 budget. We will be speaking with committee and event chairs as their events are concluded.

PayPal fees are tracked by the Treasurer and Asst. Treasurer, and we include them as an expense (“banking fees”) in the Annual Financial Report to National.


2022 Read-a-thon activity recap: The Flyer for the Read-a-thon was submitted mid-December. Several of our Branch members and seven St John College students were involved in the Read-a-thon in February. There will be ongoing reading to Santa Fe Public School students by teachers’ requests. We have received one request as of 4/27/2022. A thank you e-mail was sent to volunteers and teachers.

Read-a-thon 2022 Final Report: