Virtual Rally to Support NM Voting Rights Act

Virtual Rally to Support New Mexico Voting Rights Act

Public · Hosted by ACLU of New MexicoSierra Club: Rio Grande Chapter and 4 others

New Mexico Voting Rights Act

New Mexicans believe whether you live in a city or in a more rural part of New Mexico, all eligible voters deserve an efficientsecure, and inclusive voting process.

The New Mexico Voting Rights Act ensures that every eligible voter has the opportunity to safely and equitably cast their ballot.

Here’s what the bill will do:

  • Create a Permanent Absentee Voter List
  • Expand Native Voter Access
  • Expand Online Voter Registration
  • Restore Voting Rights to formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Automate Back-End Voter Registration
  • Expand Petition Signature Gathering to include online signatures
  • Enfranchising 16 year olds to vote in local elections (municipal and school board)

We want voting access for all eligible New Mexicans, don’t you? We thought so. 

Sign your name to tell your Legislator you support the New Mexico Voting Rights Act bill this Legislative Session.

Ley de Derechos Electorales de Nuevo México

Como Nuevo Mexicanos creemos que si es que uno vive en la ciudad o los lugares más rurales del estado, cada votante eligible merece un proceso de votación eficiente, seguro e inclusivo. 

La Ley de Derechos Electorales de Nuevo México asegura que cada votante tenga la oportunidad de emitir su voto de manera segura y equitativa. 

El contenido de la ley es lo siguiente: 

  • Crearía una lista de permanentes votantes ausentes
  • Expandir el acceso a votar a más de nuestra comunidad indigena 
  • Expandir registración via web 
  • Restaurar derechos de votar a gente que fue encarcelada
  • Automatizar registración de retraso 
  • Expandir la recolección de firmas para peticiones via web 
  • Otorgamiento de derechos de votar en elecciones municipal y escolar a jóvenes de 16 años

Yo prefiero una democracia donde todos tienen acceso a su voto, que no tu? 

Firma tu nombre y dígale a su legislador que apoya a La Ley de Derechos Electorales de Nuevo México en esta sesión legislativa.

Demand Voting Rights

Dear Leaders and Friends, 

Our fight today is ensuring that every vote counts and every vote is counted. 

The simple truth is we cannot afford to wait one more day to ensure all Americans can participate fully in our political process. For far too long we have gone without the voting rights protections afforded us by previous Congresses and Administrations on a bipartisan basis.  The Supreme Court and legislatures around the country have stripped us of these protections we considered the fabric of our democracy. 

The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act restores the integrity and legitimacy of our democracy.  The Freedom to Vote Act will additionally ensure all Americans have free and fair access to the ballot.  If the Senate can change the rules to pass the debt ceiling, they can do it for voting rights.  Democrats and Republicans alike must recognize that the cornerstone of our democracy is at stake and use every tool in their arsenal—including a filibuster carveout—to pass protections. 

  • NOW is the time to keep the pressure on the White House and your Senator. CLICK HERE to contact your Senator and demand voting rights! 
  • NOW is the moment to ensure the US Senate can consider, debate, and pass the bills that will protect our democracy and our vote. 
    • We want it to be crystal clear, we strongly demand changing the filibuster rules to make sure the two democracy-defining bills can be passed by the Senate and sent to the President’s desk for signature.  
  • NOW is the time for us to pivot to the election realities of 2022 and make it clear in States like Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan and many others that we will not stop until we win it all for our communities.  

At this critical juncture in our democracy, now is the time to march forward to march forward as a nation and ensuring our democracy reflects equity. Nothing is more important than voting rights when it comes to eradicating systemic racism and inequality. 

WE THE PEOPLE want and need to know our elected representatives are leading on all fronts and not leaving anything to chance. 

Fighting Forward, 


P.S. A Highlight of our Continued Work on Voting Rights …  

The NAACP has continued to lean in on the protection and expansion of voting rights. In the summer we joined the Fighting For Our Vote coalition (ACLU, AFSCME, AFT, NEA, AFL-CIO, SEIU) and focused on targeted states and U.S. Senators championing the passage of voting rights legislation. In Early November, in coordination with National Action Network, National Urban League, National Coalition of Black Civic Participation, Fighting For Our Vote and the National Council of Negro Women, we produced a Democracy Scorecard. This scorecard graded US Senators on their performance defending voting rights; grades of A (pass), I (incomplete) and F (fail) were given based on their votes on the American Rescue Plan, the For the People Act, John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act as well as their support for eliminating the filibuster. 

Members and volunteers from the NAACP and partner organizations delivered the scorecards in person, to select Senate offices praising the (A’s) and demanding that those who failed or had incomplete records on voting rights do better (I’s & F’s) in DE, FL, GA, VA and WI. We’ve kept the pressure on the Senate moving from 13 I’s in early November to 48 A’s (pass) with just two hold outs from Senators Manchin (WV) and Sinema (AZ). We must keep the pressure going. As Black leaders from across the country pressure the White House and Senate to take bold action on voting rights, we encourage you to stay in this fight. Please call your senator and tell them to pass voting rights. For more information, please go to

Derrick Johnson

President & CEO NAACP


NAACP | Empowerment Programs


Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed”

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.