Letter to the Editor

In the wake of the terrible atrocities committed against Muslims in our neighboring city of Albuquerque, we of the Santa Fe Branch of the NAACP wish to extend our condolences to the Albuquerque Muslim community, and our continuing support for our Muslim community here in our city.  

These atrocities must stop.  Bigotry and hatred are ever-present forces, and we will continue our ongoing work against these racist attitudes and horrific actions against anyone, regardless of race or religion.

At-Home Covid test expiration dates have been extended. See FDA website.

You shouldn’t use a at-home COVID diagnostic test that’s expired, but some have been extended by the US Food and Drug Administration. If your box of test kits shows a past expiration date, check this FDA list of extended expiration dates to see if it’s OK to use yours: 


NAACP Santa Fe Stand on Reproductive Justice

The NAACP and our local branch reaffirm the organization’s commitment to Reproductive Justice.

In light of the recent developments in the Supreme Court concerning women’s health, we recognize the urgency of this issue that stands to have a devastating impact for women of every race and economic class, and which disproportionately impacts women of color, especially in lower income communities. 

“It is evidently clear at this time that the future of our democracy hangs in the balance. This Supreme Court is turning back to a dangerous era where basic constitutional rights only exist for a select few. They’ve stripped away our right to vote, and now women have lost their right to their own body. What’s next?” said Portia White, NAACP Vice President of Policy and Legislative Affairs.

For all women – we are here for you, we see you, and we will continue to support you.” 

General Membership Meeting June 14 at 6:30 PM

Our next General Membership meeting will take place on Zoom at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, June 14th. If you would like an invitation, please write us at naacpsfnm@gmail.com

Agenda: General Membership Meeting June 14, 2022






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In Memoriam, Thomas Russell Johnson, Jr.

Dear Members of the Santa Fe NM NCAAP Community,

It is with deep sorrow that we tell of the passing of Tom Johnson on  May 18, of natural causes.  Tom was a very active worker in our Branch early on its history, a teacher, and a member of the Los Alamos Laboratory staff.  He was also, of course, the husband of our dear member, Carol Johnson. 

Louis Levin, PhD, President

Below is the eulogy for Tom

You can find Tom Johnson’s obituary here: